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# Introduction:

Flying Colours is an initiative by sociopreneurs Mr Arun Kumar Patni and Mrs Neelima Patni for conservation of birds on the verge of extinction like sparrows etc. On a larger spectrum, their vision is to involve each and every citizen to come forward for this noble cause. -"Our Moto is to place a bird feeder in every House."

# Environmental friendly:

House sparrows/goria and several other birds are on the verge of becoming homeless and extinct more so in the urban areas. They are not allowed to settle and breed and New flat culture doesn’t provide a congenial atmosphere for their living/nesting. Radiation from mobile towers doesn’t let their babies grow naturally. Noise and air pollution is a big irritant for them.All these problems are countered with our products as they are safe and made of wood/ sand. These have a minimum shelf life of 3 years!

# Viable usage of our products...

The products are very aesthetically appealing and are available in various colours/designs with traditional Rajasthani mandana art and mirror work suitable for every household. The products are very compatible and can be wall mounted, hanged on trees/ balconies and are easily placeable at various prominent locations of like gardens, porches, rooftops, courtyards etc.

#Empowering people and sustaining livelihood:

Our products generate employment as they are labour intensive and require craftmanship. We employ local artists, painters and Local Rajasthani Mandana artisans especially women.


the products can be donated in bulk for Temples, Schools, Heritage sites, NGOs etc. and can be combined with a Plantation drives. They can also be gifted on anniversaries, birthdays, and Remembrance Day.

#What makes us Different!

A. Our product promotes the local artist and hence help in enhancing the cultural heritage of the country.
B. Feeding Birds is an act of kindness and compassion. According to a research, Bird Feeding can lead to the production of happiness hormones in the body.Eg: serotonin, dopamine etc.
C. We have cost- effective products for all the segments of the society. High end lifestyle products are also available which enhances your social status as well.
D. Products are long lasting, strong and reusable and have an emotional appeal too.


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Address: B-189/A, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur , Rajasthan (302015)

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